Our Services

We focus on four, core service areas at Dexign LLC. Our goal is to help organizations bring the people they seek to serve into sharp focus and into the center of their teams' work. We do this through strong communication, compelling media and unforgettable professional development. 

Curriculum development & training

We build the tools and modules necessary to train staff and help them apply new, needed skills. This includes collaboration with the client to develop workshops, training opportunities and curriculum, designing dynamic, creative, memorable, experiences.

A network of expert collaborators

The key to successfully applying human-centered design relies on building dynamic and diverse teams. We draw on a broad, diverse network of experts who, among themselves, maintain a culture of learning and collaboration to remain up to speed and up-to-date on the latest in curriculum, communications and research design.

Media & communications

We work with companies to help them develop unique, powerful audience insights, media initiatives and publications, leveraging a human-centered approach and an understanding that, in order to break ground, it is necessary to embrace ambiguity and change, ceasing to do things as others have done them in the past.  

Policy insights

We believe that policy works best when decisions are human-centered and when policy makers are given the tools and permission to think like designers. We collaborate with policy makers and NGOs to help bring the people they seek to serve closer to the center of the policy development process. 

About the video above: We deliver a variety of services at Dexign LLC, including the design of new curriculum and custom talks. The above talk was delivered at TEDxDirigo in Maine by Dexign LLC CEO and Founder Emi Kolawole along with Inclusion Ventures CEO Amy Lazarus on their year-long curriculum development project "Design for Worldview".